3BR’s Marble Treat Afternoon

3BR’s Marble Treat Afternoon

Pupils at Newquay Junior are praised for good behaviour and the class gets awarded marbles to reflect this. When a class’s marble jar is full, they win a treat afternoon.

Today 3BR celebrated their good behaviour by winning a food tasting afternoon which was suggested and voted for by the children. They tried a wide variety of foods, many of which they had never tried before. Although at times the food may have looked like a Bush Tucker Challenge (cockles, passion fruit slime and pickled onion eyeballs) the pupils were open minded and keen to try these delicacies! Indian food was a big hit with them all (chicken korma, balti, sag aloo and onion bhajis)) while olives proved controversial with the whole spectrum of responses from delicious to disgusting. They challenged their palettes with lime pickle and beetroot, they were refreshed by mango, pomegranate and kiwi and many were pleasantly surprised by smoked mackerel.

Every child discovered something new that they liked but had never tried before.

Much of the food was kindly provided by Morrisons and 3BR would like to say a big thank you to Morrisons for their generosity and for making this fun afternoon possible.

It was thoroughly enjoyed by all.