4SN Cracking Effort!

4SN Cracking Effort!

A big hello from 4SN and Mrs Nicholls! In the week before half term, Year 4 had the opportunity to write their own adventure stories and what a cracking effort was made by all.

They were a treat to read and here is a selection that were submitted, there were also some brilliant stories entered into the writing competition too!

The class have been amazing readers this term, you can see Sophie here with a stack of books she has been reading through and everyone has been whizzing around the reading challenge board. 

Reports of half term mini adventures have poured in and it has been lovely to hear how many of you have taken advantage of what’s on our doorstep and gotten out and about between the wind and rain last week.

Homework has also been submitted thick and fast this term too and our latest additions include a butterfly masterpiece from Claudia and a tie-dye t-shirt from Isaac. Well done 4SN, keep up the hard work!