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April 4th 2014
Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1 Definitions

2. Admission

3. Application Procedures

4. Priority Criteria
4.1 First Priority
4.2 Second Priority
4.3 Third Priority
4.4 Fourth Priority
4.5 Fifth Priority

5. Over Subscription

6. In Year Admissions

7. General Information
7.1 Allocation to Alternative Year Group
7.2 Requests to Transfer Schools
7.3 Single School Equality Scheme
7.4 Free School Transport

8. Appeals

9. Children of UK Service Personnel (UK Armed Forces)

10. Children from Overseas

11. Further Information


The Governing Body of the Academy Trust is the Admission Authority for the Academy. This means that it is the Governing Body that sets and applies the Admissions Policy for the Academy. All decisions regarding the admission of children into the Academy are made by a committee of the Governing Body. In determining the Admissions Policy the Academy complies with current legislation.

Newquay Junior Academy (“the Academy”) is approved by the Secretary of State for Education to admit up to a certain maximum number of children in each of the year groups: Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6. This figure is currently 150 pupils per year group.

The Academy has a set limit beyond which it cannot function efficiently; pupil/teacher ratios will become unacceptable and the Academy may not comply with various health and safety, regulations. In order to allocate places on a fair basis to all, we have formalised the admissions procedure and clearly defined the method of prioritising in the event of over subscription.

In writing this policy we have taken into account the DfE’s Admission Code which came into effect in 2012.

The Academy places no constraints on who may apply for entrance to the Academy and all applications will be considered and processed in accordance with the guidelines in this document. Children will be admitted without reference to ability or aptitude.

This document sets out to clearly state the following regarding admission to Newquay Junior Academy:-
• Admission criteria in the event of over subscription.
• The method of applying and the way in which the application will be handled.

1.1. DEFINITIONS Throughout this document the following definitions apply:

“Parent” is defined as the parent/s or guardian/s of the child.

“Brother or Sister” is defined as children aged 4 to 16, living in the same family unit. They are defined as children with at least one natural or adoptive parent in common, living at the same or a different address. Children living in the same household at the same address where their parents are married or live as partners would be counted as siblings, regardless of their actual relationship to each other.
“Looked After Children” is defined as children who are in the care of a Local Authority under a court order or accommodated under Children Act 1989
“Home Address” is to be taken as the address of the adult/s with parental responsibility with whom the child normally lives. The home address is that which applies at the time of application. Where children spend time with parents at more than one address, the address used to allocate a school place will be the one at which the pupil is ordinarily resident. Where children spend equal time with both parents, the address used will be where the parent receives child benefit for the child and/or the child is resident for at least 3 nights per school week. Changes of address occurring shortly after application, but before offer of places, can normally be taken into account if notified in writing to the LA Admissions Team or the school. Places cannot be allocated on the basis of intended future changes of address, unless house moves have been confirmed through the exchange of contracts or the signing of a formal lease agreement. A temporary address will only be used for allocation purposes where no permanent address is available.
“Compulsory school age” is defined as the age at which a child must start school – when a child reaches the age of five he/she must start school in the term following his or her fifth birthday (unless a child is educated otherwise). Compulsory school age ceases on the last Friday in June in the school year in which the child reaches the age of 16.
In order to qualify for entry into a Year 3 class children must have reached the age of seven by the 31st August in that year.

The application process for admissions into Year 3 is co-ordinated by Cornwall Local Authority (LA), which acts on behalf of the Governing Body to offer places at the Academy. Parents should apply online at or submit a Cornwall Application Form available from the Academy or from the LA Admissions Team, no later than the national closing date. Offer letters will be issued by the LA on the published offer date. Late applications, (those submitted after the national closing date), will also be handled by the LA Admissions Team.
Parents wishing to visit the Academy prior to submitting an application are welcome to do so. Visits are not interviews and do not affect any decision regarding the availability of a place. No interviews are held as part of the admissions process. All parents are advised to read the LA booklet for parents on primary admissions before submitting an application.
Children who have a statement of special educational needs that names the Academy must be admitted. NB. Those children with a statement of special educational needs that does not name the Academy will be referred to Individual Needs Team at Cornwall Council to determine an appropriate place.

For all other children the following priority order will be used to decide which children should occupy any vacant places in Year 3 at the Academy for each school year.

Children in Care, also known as Looked After children (LAC). The DfE’s Admission Code extends this to children who were looked after, but immediately after being looked after became subject to a Residence Order, Special Guardianship order or Adoption Order.

Children who have a brother or sister, (as defined earlier in the policy), at Newquay Junior Academy, at the date of admission.

Children who were educated at Trenance Learning Academy at the time of normal application.
Children of Staff who have been employed by Newquay Junior Academy for at least 2 years (subject to the new Admissions Code coming into force).

All other children. In the event that there are more children in any category than there are places available, places will be prioritised and awarded to children who live nearest the academy. The distance, for admissions purposes, is measured using the straight line measurement from the centre point of the main building of the home to the centre point of the main gate of the school as determined by the Geographical Information System selected by the Academy. For families who live outside the area covered by the mapping system, distances are determined using a combination of local maps and on-line resources.
Whilst we are committed to complying with parental preference in respect of parents living within and outside the local area, if you are planning to move into the local area, your application for a place for your child will not be given the priority accorded to local area children without firm evidence of your new address and moving date, such as a copy of a signed and dated tenancy agreement or confirmation that contracts have been exchanged and a completion date agreed.

For admission into Year 3 – September intake, the LA, on behalf of the Governing Body, will offer 150 places to children. This is the Published Admission Number (PAN) for that year group. In the event that more than 150 applications are received, the oversubscription criteria will be applied to determine priority for places. All school preferences, (as declared by parents on the LA application form), are treated equally, regardless of whether they are first, second or third preferences. When an application is refused, the child’s details are automatically placed on a reserve list for the year group, ranked according to the admission criteria.
As part of the co-ordinated scheme for primary admissions, the LA Admissions Team will maintain a reserve list on behalf of the Governing Body, ranked according to the school’s oversubscription criteria. The reserve list will be held until the end of the Autumn Term. Parents should contact the LA Admission Team if they wish to remain on the reserve list beyond the end of the Autumn term. Parents will be contacted immediately if a place becomes available for their child, but should be aware that their child’s place on a reserve list may change if an application is subsequently received that meets a higher criterion than their own or is subject to a successful Admissions Appeal.

If any of the criteria above leave more children with an equal claim than places available, the following tie-breakers will be used:
a) Where two or more children fulfil the same criterion, priority will be given to those children for whom the Academy is their nearest school and are in receipt of Free School Meals. If this does not determine the difference between two children then ‘random allocation’ will be used. Random allocation would be supervised by someone independent to the school i.e. local councillor.

Applications for a pupil place after the start of the school year, or for any other year group, are processed by Cornwall Local Authority (LA), which acts on behalf of the Governing Body. The LA will contact the academy to check whether there are spaces in the relevant year group. Parents should apply online at or submit a Cornwall Application Form available from the Academy or from the LA Admissions Team. Offer letters will be issued by the LA giving a start date and a period by which the place must be taken up. If a place at Newquay Junior Academy is offered, parents are asked to contact the Academy so that relevant paperwork may be completed, and both a visit to the child’s new class and a start date can be agreed. Parents wishing to visit the Academy prior to submitting an application are welcome to do so.
Where the Academy is unable to meet the preferences expressed the parents will be referred to the local authority for further advice on places available in other schools.

In this situation the child’s details will be held on a reserve list by the Academy for a minimum period of one term following the unsuccessful application.


If there is no place available in a child’s year group, the Academy will not allocate a place in another year group. This is not considered to be in the best interests of the child or other children in the class.

The Academy will always discourage parents wishing to transfer a child from another local school as a result of a dispute with that school and will always request that the matter is discussed with the Headteacher of the child’s school. It is better to address the problem and seek a solution rather than transfer schools.

It is the Academy’s policy that families of all backgrounds shall have equal consideration relating to all aspects of the running of the Academy – including admissions. Our arrangements will not disadvantage unfairly, either directly or indirectly, any one involved in the process from a particular social or racial group, religion or belief, sex or a child with a disability or special educational needs.

For the purpose of providing assistance with home to school transport, the LA has a defined catchment area (or designated area) for the Academy, although the Academy does not use a defined catchment area for the admission process. Any child living within the LA defined area, but more than two miles from the Academy, is entitled to assistance with transport. For further information, contact the LA Admissions Team.

If you are not offered a place at our Academy you have the right to appeal to an independent panel and should contact the Academy for the relevant papers if they are not available from the LA. Please ensure that the Academy rather than the LA Admission Appeal Form is used.
For families of service personnel with a confirmed posting to the Newquay area, the academy will:
• allocate a place in advance, if accompanied by an official government letter which declares a relocation date and a Unit postal address or quartering area address for considering the application against our over subscription criteria. This includes accepting a Unit postal address or quartering area address for a service child;
• ensure that arrangements support the Government’s commitment to removing disadvantage for service children

The academy treats application for children from overseas in accordance with European Law or Home Office rules for non-European Economic Area nationals.

All parents are advised to read the LA booklet for parents on primary admissions. For further information please contact either:
• the LA Admissions Team Tel: 03001234101
• Mrs Andrea Grace, Academy Admissions and Induction Officer Tel: 01637 874543/879136 (Office)

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