Clubs Run at Newquay Junior Academy


Newquay Junior Academy – Lunchtime & Afterschool Clubs Summer Term 2018

We are pleased to inform you that our Summer term lunchtime and after school clubs will start week beginning Monday 16th April and will finish week ending Friday 13th July 2018.

Some of our clubs from the spring term will be continuing in the summer term. The clubs that are continuing are:

Maths workshop Yr5 & Yr6                 (Mondays 12.00-12.30pm)
Girls at Lunch Craft Making Yr5         (Mondays 12.00-12.30pm)
Beading Yr6                                           (Monday & Wednesday 12.25-12.50pm)
Writing Club Yr5 & Yr6                         (Monday 3.00-4.00pm)
Boys at Lunch Art/Colouring Yr5      (Tuesday 12.00-12.30pm)
Fitness Class Yr3 & Yr4                      (Wednesday 12.15-12.45pm)
Drama Yr3 & Yr4                                  (Wednesday 12.15-12.45pm)
DT Yr5 & Yr6                                         (Thursday 3.00-4.00pm)
Choir Yr 3,4,5 & 6                                 (Thursday 3.00-4.00pm)
Recorder Yr4                                        (Friday 12.20-12.50pm)

If your child is already registered in these clubs they will automatically continue attending unless you inform the academy office that you no longer wish for your child to attend. These clubs are full and no extra spaces are available at present.

The clubs that will no longer run in the summer term are:

Ocarina Yr3                                           (Tuesdays 12.20-12.50pm)
Football Yr3 & Yr4                                (Tuesdays 3.00-4.00pm)
Beading Yr6                                          (Tuesdays 12.25-12.50pm)
Wake n Shake Yr 3,4,5 & 6                  (Fridays 12.15-12.40pm)
Girls Football Yr 5 & 6                         (Wednesdays 12.00-12.30pm)
Football Yr 5 & 6                                  (Thursdays 3.00-4.00pm)
Drama Yr 3 & 4, 5 & 6                          (Tuesday 3.00-4.00pm)

Please note: These clubs will finish week ending Friday 23rd March 2018.

In the table below you will find a list of the new lunch time and after school clubs that will be taking place in the Summer term.

Please return this completed form by the morning of Friday 23rd March, identifying which of these new clubs your child would like to attend by ticking the relevant columns and signing the consent form. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis and if you do not receive notification that your child cannot participate in a club, please assume that your child CAN attend their chosen clubs.