Beach Maths in investigations

Beach Maths in investigations

Beach Maths

This week, pupils from years 3,4 and 5 visited Tolcarne Beach to extend their maths skills and continue to build their confidence. 

We warmed up with a ‘noughts and crosses’ race and then the pupils carried out two scientific investigations. 

They used quadrats and a transect line to collect and manipulate data. The data collected allowed them to investigate ‘How the distribution of barnacles changes as you move down the shore?’ and ‘Is the profile of limpets affected by the direction they face?’.

They discovered that the percentage cover of barnacles increases as you move down the shore and were able to suggest it was linked to them being exposed for longer during the day. Also, limpets facing west are flatter that limpets on the eastern side of rocks due to the wave action during storms.

We really enjoyed learning in our extended classroom.

Mrs Band and Mr Ellis-Davies