Congratulations to your Year 4 Wizards

Congratulations to your Year 4 Wizards

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Dear Parents/Carers

Congratulations to your Year 4 Wizards!

As part of our new thematic curriculum, and to launch our exciting magical topic for the new Autumn Term, your child has been enrolled at the prestigious and spellbinding ‘Newquay Junior Academy of Wizardry’! Please arrive promptly on Wednesday 6th September 2017 ready for a term of magical, mystical and magnificent training. You will be sorted into your house teams; and from here you will begin your journey to becoming one of the finest Year 5 wizards Cornwall has ever seen!

Dress Code for this day: Please wear your finest wizard outfit (no school uniform required).

We look forward to your arrival on Wednesday 6th September.

Yours sincerely

The Year Five Professors