Friday’s Eclipse

Watching an eclipse directly is possible – but it’s vital to protect your eyes with the correct equipment.
Never look at the Sun unless you are wearing a pair of special eclipse glasses. These cost a few pounds each and will block out more than 99.9% of the Sun’s light. Check they bear a CE Kitemark, which means the glasses meet required safety standards.

Test their condition by putting them on as you’re looking away from the Sun. You shouldn’t be able to see anything. If any light is entering through the glasses, this could mean that they are scratched and won’t provide the right protection. When you’re satisfied the glasses aren’t damaged, turn to look at the Sun. This should be the only thing you can see – a big, orange globe surrounded by a black sky.

Don’t look at the Sun through a pair of binoculars or a camera, as they will concentrate the Sun’s powerful rays into your eye. If you want to use equipment like this, you need a professional solar filter that fits tightly onto the front lenses.