How we check pupil progress

How we check pupil progress

The Year 3 teachers have a clear view of where all pupils should be in their reading progress by the end of the first term and by the end of the academic year and teachers in all year groups have high expectations for the progress that their pupils will make during the year.

Teachers closely monitor reading progress during each term so they can support any pupil falling behind age related expectations.

Pupils in Years 3,4 and 5 take termly standardised tests (PIRA) and Year 6 pupils are assessed for performance by using past SAT papers.

Reading records are checked by Newquay Junior Academy staff at least once a week to maintain a regular dialogue with parents.

Teacher check pupils’ progress following daily reading lessons and provide extra support where needed. For example, some example some pupils receive pre teaching where they are introduced to upcoming vocabulary. Other pupils receive ‘catch up’ intervention during the afternoons.