Kensuke’s Kingdom

Chapter 2 of Michael Morpurgo’s book, Kensuke’s Kingdom, is titled, “Water, Water, Everywhere”. In it, the young boy, Michael, describes his first few days aboard the ‘Peggy Sue’, a sailboat his parents have bought to sail around the world, following redundancy. 

This week in Year 4, we are trying to experience a little bit of what Michael is going through aboard the boat, the sights, the sounds and the feelings. Not to mention the hard work, dealing with seasickness, his Home Learning (that he’d hoped his parents had forgotten about), as well as everything around him being soaking wet though. We hope that these experiences will help the pupils appreciate and contextualise both the reading and writing more fully whilst being able to write their logbooks using much higher-level vocabulary and with greater insight. 

4 SP had a full taste of life in a storm! They showed huge resilience in the strong winds and wintry showers, before warming up with hot chocolate. The weather was more favourable for the other groups. Well done all of you.