Letter to Parents – 20th October 2016

Dear Parents/Carers

As we approach the end of the first half term of this academic year, we are writing to thank you for all your support and encouragement during what has been an extremely busy yet successful half term. We particularly want to thank the parents of Year 4 for their generosity for Harvest Festival.
We are also writing to inform you that Mr Andrew Reep has been given an extended leave of absence for 6 weeks from half term until Christmas. He will undergo some necessary medical treatment which will require a 6 week recovery period and I am sure you will join with us in wishing him a very speedy return to good health.
In the interim, Newquay Education Trust is pleased to inform all parents/carers that Mr Steve Dunn, an experienced Deputy Head, well known to you all, and Ms Sarah Goswell, who has an excellent track record of school leadership, will be joint interim Headteachers of Newquay Junior Academy until Christmas.
Both Mr Dunn and Ms Goswell are extremely committed to the continued success of Newquay Junior Academy and will do all they can, as will the staff, to ensure that all of the children continue to receive the best education possible. They will have our strong support and that of the Newquay Education Trust Board of Directors during this time.
Mrs Carol Breakwell, an experienced Primary Head, who supports other Primary Schools, will also support the staff and leadership team at Newquay Junior Academy one day per week.
We wish Mr Reep a speedy recovery and hope you and your family have a well-deserved break.
Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
Kind regards

Mrs Sarah Karkeek
Chair of Newquay Education Trust
National Leader of Governors

Mrs Sue Martin
Chief Executive Officer
Newquay Education Trust National Leader of Education

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