Marble Challenge PJs and Popcorn – 4SN

Marble Challenge PJs and Popcorn – 4SN

Well done to 4SN for successfully filling their marble jar! As their reward, the children have chosen a ‘PJ’s and Popcorn’ treat which will take place on Thursday 22nd November in the afternoon. We will enjoy the treat as soon as the Christmas decorations have gone up in Year 4!

Pupils are to arrive in their academy uniform as normal, equipped with their PJ’s to change into in the afternoon (please ensure these are warm enough for the cooler weather). Cuddly pillows are also welcome to snuggle onto during the movie. As pupils have the option to choose a movie, please feel free to bring in a suitable DVD.

Delicious popcorn will be provided by us, however, pupils can bring a small amount of sweets or tuck if they wish. As we have pupils with allergies, we politely request that the sweet treats do not contain Nuts.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Nicholls

Head of Year 4