At Newquay Junior, we believe that the whole point of learning maths is to be able to solve problems. Learning rules and facts are of course important, but they are the tools with which we learn to do maths fluently, they aren’t maths itself. It’s similar to the way that learning scales is an important part of learning to play music fluently, but there’s far more to making music than playing scales.

Our target is that all children can and will achieve mastery of the maths curriculum.  In order to achieve this, our daily maths lesson will have 4 elements: teach, learn, challenge, and understand. The first element is where we teach the main objective for the lesson i.e. what do we want the children to master by the end of the lesson using a variety of concepts, images, conjectures, missing numbers and active arguments around the key skill we are focusing on. Secondly, the children will attempt a task which is differentiated to learn and consolidate the teaching part of the lesson and may include further examples of those in the previous part of the lesson. After the children have attempted a task, the teacher will move their learning forwards again by providing a challenge at a deeper level or addressing any misconceptions the children may have. The final part of the lesson is where we ensure that the children understand the objective covered by discussing what learning has taken place either orally or in writing.


Year 3 Objectives
Year 4 Objectives
Year 5 Objectives
Year 6 Objectives

99 Club

In order to support the pupils, ‘99 club’ has been adopted to help further raise standards in mathematics by encouraging pupils to improve their mental maths and therefore increase the speed and confidence they tackle mental maths problems across the curriculum and in day to day life.


All pupils have one opportunity per week to complete the next level, this will be timetabled by the teacher. All pupils involved are encouraged to have a go each. In Year 3, pupils start on 11 club and work their way up.  The 11 club is so called because there are 11 questions to answer, the 22 club has 22 and so on.

My Maths

At NJA maths homework is set online using My Maths, every pupil will have their own log in personal to them. Maths homework is tailored by their teacher and is set weekly. Use this link to access the My Maths page.





Calculation Policy and Mathematics Policy

6.2 NJA Maths policy February 2017

6.3 NJA – Calculation policy – February 2017


Maths Resources

Calculation overview – Addition

Calculation overview – Subtraction

Calculation overview – Multiplication

Calculation overview – Division