Newquay Junior Academy Uniform

Newquay Junior Academy Uniform

All children are expected to wear uniform, which we believe provides the children with a sense of identity and a feeling of pride. Although this not compulsory, we are fortunate in having the support of all parents in this matter and as a result, the children look neat and tidy and a credit to our Academy. Academy uniform can be purchased from Studs Sports Shop, Chester Road, Newquay.

All school uniform is available at Studs Sports, Newquay or by clicking the link below.

Studs Sports

Boys Uniform 

Black or charcoal grey trousers or shorts

White or grey shirt

Black V-necked school pullover

School tie (Black/Gold)

Sensible footwear

*New optional blazer available

Optional Summer Boys Uniform

 School embossed polo shirt



Girls Uniform 

Plain grey skirt (straight, pleated or pinafore)

Black or charcoal grey trousers (not jeans, velvet satin or leggings)

White blouse or shirt

Black V-necked pullover

School tie (Black/Gold)

Plain grey or white socks or tights

Sensible footwear

*New optional Blazer available


Optional Summer Girls Uniform

Yellow & white summer dress


White T-Shirt (Newquay Academy logo embossed)

Black shorts