NJA School Council Visit Cornwall County Hall

This year, Newquay Junior Academy School Council have been extremely busy and have been instrumental in several key projects both at the Academy and in the local community. The Council members have helped to implement changes to the seating arrangements and the menu choices in the canteen; the Council have also worked with staff at Newquay library to encourage boys to use the resources that the library has to offer; the Council have also organised and run a successful ‘Splat-the-Teacher’ event with the funds raised being sufficient to purchase and install 2 outdoor water drinking fountains.

On Wednesday 6th May the Council were invited to visit County Hall in Truro. There they met John Wood, the County Council chairman, and asked him probing questions about matters in Newquay which affect them. The children were also given a tour of the County Council buildings and met several other key members of the council. It was an educational and enjoyable experience with the children still discussing the points raised all the way home.