Parent Curriculum Letter

11th March 2016cREST


Dear Parents/Carers


Staff and I are looking forward to meeting you all at the upcoming parent review meetings on Tuesday 15th March and Thursday 17th March. In preparation for this I would like to update you on how we plan to share pupil progress with parents at these meetings.


As you will recall when I wrote to you back in November we were building and developing a new approach to pupil assessment and tracking following the Government’s decision to remove the former National Curriculum Assessment Levels (e.g. Levels 3 to 6). As a result of this and in collaboration with other local Academies we are now using a system called Target Tracker to track, moderate and monitor pupil progress.


This allows teachers here at the Academy to assess pupils’ learning against a variety of progressive statements called steps. For each year group there are currently six age-related steps and associated learning statements that pupils are assessed against. At this next parent review meeting teachers will share and discuss with parents and carers your child’s current level of academic attainment using the following descriptors:


Attainment Descriptor   Standard at which the learner is currently working
Working Below Age Related Expectations : Pupil is yet to be secure in the end of year national curriculum age related expectations.


Working Within Age Related Expectations : Pupil is secure in the majority of the end of year national curriculum age related expectations.


Working Securely at Age Related Expectations : Pupil is secure in all or almost all the end of year national curriculum age related expectations and is able to use and apply their knowledge and skills confidently.


Your child’s teacher will also be able to give you information on how well they are working in terms of breadth, depth and progress within their current area of attainment, their attitude and effort to learning and the level of progress reflected in their day to day class work.


To support parents and carers with information related to curriculum and assessment we will continue to update the CURRICULUM section on the Newquay Junior Academy website with key documents and links. Should you have any further questions I would encourage you to discuss these with your child’s class teacher at the review meetings.


I would finally like to take this opportunity to thank both staff and pupils for all their efforts and achievements so far this year, and also for your continued support with your child’s learning and their fantastic contributions to life at the Academy.


Yours sincerely





Andrew Reep

Associate Headteacher