Parents and Teachers Association

What is the PTA?

The NJA PTA is a group of parents/carers and teachers who meet throughout the year.

Who Can Join?

All parents/carers of students at NJA and any members of staff. Just come along to the meetings.

It would be lovely if you decided to join the PTA. As a member of the PTA you don’t necessarily have to do anything. Just attending meetings and supporting the work of the PTA can be enough.

We realise that time is precious, however if you decided to become a more active member of the group, even if you only have an hour to spare, there are always tasks you could do to help: taking event admissions, serving teas/coffees at a Car Boot Sale or maybe serving teas/coffees at any of the school events.

What Happens to the Money that is Raised?

Twice a year each faculty in the school is asked to make a bid for some of the funds that the PTA has raised. Recent purchases have included:

  • Sports equipment
  • Musical instruments and tuition
  • Athletic vests for when teams are representing the school
  • Camera, laptop and printer to enhance student learning
  • Media editing equipment
  • Wall hangings for the corridors
  • Professional interior signage
    and many more items.

Please ask at reception if you are interested in joining the PTA.