Parliament Education Service Visit

House of Parliament education service will pay a visit to Newquay Junior Academy on Wednesday 24th June.

What role has protest and ‘people power’ played in the evolution of Parliament?

Our pupils will explore this question after viewing 360 degree re-enactments putting them in the front row at dramatic Parliamentary events of the past.

Muriel Matters and her fellow suffragists of the Women’s Freedom League in 1908, protesting from the Ladies’ Gallery in the Commons for women’s right to vote.  Or Mary Pendarves and other friends of the Duchess of Queensbury in 1739, desperately vying for a seat in the Lords gallery alongside male MPs, to watch the debate on ‘the convention with Spain’.

The related workshop will discuss themes of public intervention, growing demand for access to information and increasing representation.  The workshop may include one or both events, depending on the age and interest of the group.

The service visit might include:

  • The House of Commons and/or House of Lords chambers
  • A visit to the Commons and/or Lords gallery to observe the MPs or Lords debating
  • Central Lobby, at the very heart of the Parliamentary Estate.
  • St. Stephen’s Hall, the home of the original House of Commons
  • Westminster Hall, the last remaining part of the original Palace