PGL Barton Hall Trip – Start to Finish

PGL Barton Hall Trip – Start to Finish

6th June – 08:21

Year 6 had a great start to their week of fun by attending the zoo or constructing sculptures and artwork this afternoon. Lots of the children are looking forward to setting off to Barton Hall PGL in Devon today for 3 days or staying at school and participating in a games day, going to the beach and going to the zoo for the rest of the week. Bring on the fun times!

6th June – 10:24

And we’re off! Lots of very excited children counted on the coaches and seat-belted up safely on our journey to PGL Barton Hall!

6th June – 13:13

We’ve arrived! The sun is shining and we are now fuelling up ready for the afternoon activities. 

6th June – 20:04

Now for an evening of sports after a fun afternoon of activities. Hopefully we can tire them out before bedtime!

7th June – 06:30

Rise and shine!! It’s not quite half past six yet and most of the camp are up and out already. Some of the boys were up and dressed by half past four this morning! 😴😴

7th June – 08:59

Wherever we go, we are always singing! Ready for a day of fun activities!

7th June – 19:47

Another great, fun filled day at PGL Barton Hall. The children are currently playing a huge game of hide and seek before bedtime.

8th June – 09:09

The group leaders have been very impressed with NJA’s cleaning and tidying of rooms this morning! We are all packed up now and ready for our morning activities before lunch and getting on the coach for home.

8th June – 13:58

We’ve had your children for three longs days but we are all still smiling! What a wonderful trip we have had – your children are all a huge credit to you and NJA.