Phoenix vs Werewolf

Phoenix vs Werewolf

Congratulations to George Thomas Hurley who has written this story by himself!


Phoenix vs Werewolf


Late at night the red, majestic phoenix was looking over her beautiful, green forest.

Out of nowhere a dark, ugly werewolf pounced on the phoenix, he scratched the phoenix spitefully in the eye.

The werewolf used a sonic howl in the phoenix’s ear.

The phoenix used a burning hot fire ball on the ugly werewolf, she flapped her powerful wings and fired the fire ball at her target.

The werewolf’s mad eyes twinkled in the moon light.

The werewolf felt angry at the phoenix, he howled loudly at her.

The phoenix teleported herself and the werewolf to Mount Sugar, werewolf ate Mount Sugar and felt incredibly sick.

Eventually, the phoenix used a mega fire ball covered in burning hot flames and the werewolf died howling in pain. The phoenix could finally be in peace or could she….

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Fire was spitting everywhere, the fire destroyed the forest and the phoenix’s home, the phoenix was sad, she began to think that the werewolf was a diversion.


The phoenix thought that this vicious werewolf was just the beginning, so she began to rebuild her home and the forest, and she trained hard to defend herself, her home and the animals that lived in the forest with her.

Then out of nowhere the werewolves master came, he hit her hard the phoenix fainted, 5 minutes later the phoenix woke up and then she had babies.

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Then they spotted the werewolf’s master, one of them tried to find his week spot by firing fire balls at him the others flew round him to distract him while one of them fired fire balls at him then the werewolves master realised that it was a distraction he smashed the ground then the adult phoenix saw his weak spot.

The phoenix blasted a burning hot fire ball at werewolf’s master then the werewolf’s master used his defensive block. The phoenix could not believe it, there was not even a scratch on him, the beasts master hit them hard, all of the phoenix’s used 4 mega hot fire balls on him, the werewolf’s master had a bruise the size of a diner plate on his chest.

Even though the phoenixes were gentle creatures they were happy that he was dead.