Primary Executive Headteacher Announcement

Primary Executive Headteacher Announcement

Dear Parents/Carers

Further to our previous letter we are delighted to announce the appointment of Mr Craig Hayes as Primary Executive Headteacher for Newquay Education Trust with responsibility for the Leadership of Newquay Junior Academy and Newquay Primary Academy. Mr Hayes is currently Head of Goonhavern Primary School which is a very high achieving and popular school in the village. Mr Hayes worked closely with NET’s CEO and Project Team on writing the successful bid to the DFE for Newquay Primary Academy, the new Free School which is set to open in September 2018 to address the shortage of school places in Newquay town.

From September 2017, Mr Hayes will be based at Newquay Junior Academy and is very much looking forward to working with you, the staff and children to sustain and further improve the excellent education provided at Newquay Junior Academy. He will be very ably supported by Sarah Goswell, one of the Interim Headteachers, who will help to provide continuity and stability in the coming months, so he can build on and further develop the excellent work done by the Interim Headteachers.

Mr Hayes is really looking forward to meeting you all and has a strong desire to maintain and build upon the excellent family relationship at Newquay Junior Academy.

With best wishes.
Yours sincerely

Mrs Sarah Karkeek
Chair of Newquay Education Trust
National Leader of Governance

Mrs Sue Martin
Chief Executive Officer
Newquay Education Trust
National Leader of EducationHeadship Letter to parents May 2017