Reach for the Stars Assembly – Year 3

Reach for the Stars Assembly – Year 3

Year 3 celebrate their hopes and dreams with loved ones at the Reach For The Stars Assembly.

Year 3 have proudly celebrated the end of their first half term at Newquay junior Academy with a celebration of poetry, creative letter writing, art and song.

They have produced letters to their future selves, designed only to be opened during their final week at NJA when they leave Year 6 in 2022. In order to create interesting writing, they have considered what they want to be when they grow up and what they will need to do to achieve this. Then they considered exactly what they hope to experience and achieve during their precious years in Junior School. Their ambitions were exciting and often touching like the comment, ” I hope to get the Medal of Honour so I can make my mum proud.” These hopes were shared with a fantastic amount of families and friends who came to watch their show in the Edge hall on Thursday afternoon.

In the next Half Term, their letters will be buried in a time capsule in the wild area that will be landscaped outside the new Year 3 classrooms. Photos of that event will be shared at the time.

All staff in Year 3 would like to thank all those who supported by watching the show and by creating such wonderful costumes for the event.

Now we hope you all enjoy the half term.