Vision and Mission Statement

Our academy works together to develop the enquiring minds of happy, well- motivated individuals who can confidently reach their own potential.

“Aim for excellence: fulfilment for all’

Our vision is to have an academy where…

  • all our activities should excite a desire to learn and that teaching should respond in ways that delight and inspires each learner
  • there is joy, laughter and excitement
  • there is personal and shared success
  • everyone who is part of our community is respected and valued and this is demonstrated in both communication and behaviour
  • we work towards common aims, co-operation and we respect individuality
  • no child or adult is prevented from fulfilling their potential because of prejudices arising from class, disability, gender, race or primary language
  • learning is an ongoing and shared experience both within and beyond year groups
  • we become aware of the world, exploring and enjoying its diversity, complexity and connections between all people, things and ideas
  • it is bright, attractive, cared-for and welcoming
  • the work we do is worthwhile and we feel positive, confident and comfortable
  • it is safe for children and staff to express worries about anything they cannot do or do not understand
  • there are high expectations and high standards of achievement
  • staff are valued and have the space and opportunity to develop within the academy
  • effort and achievement are valued equally
  • everyone accepts responsibility for effective communication and builds positive relationships
  • parents are involved in lessons, support learning and are fully involved in PTA/academy events

OUR PROMISE TO ALL PARENTS AND CARERS The staff and family of Newquay Junior Academy

The staff and family of Newquay Junior Academy promises parents and carers that we will:

  • care for your child’s safety, welfare and happiness strive to ensure your child fulfils his/her educational potential
  • strive to ensure your child fulfils his/her educational potential
  • provide a balanced, well planned, well-resourced curriculum in line with local and national expectations
  • care for the individual needs of your child
  • set high expectations of work and behaviour
  • inform you personally, either by speaking to you directly, – – by letter, e-mail or phone, of any matters pertaining specifically to your child of which you should be aware
  • be open, welcoming, receptive and supportive
  • provide opportunities to discuss individual progress twice a year
  • provide evening meetings on academy initiatives which parents are invited to attend


In addition, we will support the development of the whole child by:

  • helping children to establish confidence and self-esteem by recognising areas of learning in which they are less confident and always praising their achievements and effort.
  • nurturing a caring attitude towards others, the academy environment and the wider community by encouraging the children to follow and accept the consistent, positive examples demonstrated by all staff, and giving reasons for doing so.
  • helping to develop a sense of right and wrong in all children through their ownership of academy codes of behaviour and acceptance of the need to be
    • honest
    • fair
    • polite
    • well behaved
    • considerate
    • tolerant and understanding
  • encouraging children to become self-motivated, confident, conscientious and independent learners by:
    • rewarding initiative, consistent efforts and high standards
    • providing children with the necessary experiences that foster enquiring minds and creativity through stimulating and challenging activities
    • providing children with activities that develop their knowledge, skills and understanding by providing relevant learning opportunities
    • fostering links with parents, encouraging them to work in partnership with the academy by establishing good relationships and regular opportunities for contact