Walk to School Week

Monday 16 May to Friday 20 May

Walk to School Week – Walking makes our children healthier and happier! It’s been proven that keeping active in this way reduces the chances of becoming obese, developing heart conditions and other diseases.

Not to mention it keeps the planet happier too!  There are cars everywhere you look polluting the air and increasing carbon emissions so by cutting down out fuel use the world says greener too.

Right now only half of 7-10 year olds do the recommended hour of exercise a day so its upto parents, siblings and teachers to encourage more activity!

The campaign in 2015w was a great success with lots of parents making the decision to leave the cars at home and walk children to school instead.  In fact, over one million children in over 4000 schools participated in the event

The purpose of the campaign, which has been observed since 1995 is to motivate children to look at road safety awareness so they feel more confident about walking around safely on their own when they’re older.

But all this will be taught through games and activities that you can help set up!   If you want to get involved, go to the official Walk to School Week website.