Website and Social Media Consent Form

Download: Website and Social Media consent Feb 2016

Website and Social Media Consent Form

Appendix 1

Parental Consent Form for Photography and Images of

Children and Young People

During your child’s education at Newquay Junior Academy, we may wish to take photographs of activities and events involving your child. The images captured may be used for displays, publications, on our website/social media pages and/ or made available to local newspapers.

Photographs or filming will only take place with the consent of and under supervision of a member of our staff. Children will only be named if there is a specific reason to do so (for example – if he or she has won a prize) and only first names will be used. Home addresses will never be disclosed for any pupil.

Images which might cause distress or embarrassment will not be used; neither will

images associated with sensitive issues.

Before taking images of your child or allowing images to be taken, we need your written consent. Please complete the following information, sign and date the form, and return it to Academy.

You may withdraw your consent at any time.


Name of child (Block Capitals):_______________________________


Name of parent or guardian     ________________________________


I understand that, whilst my child attends Newquay Junior Academy:

  • Local media may take photographic or film footage of activities which show the Academy and children in a positive light e.g. drama and musical performances, sports, prize giving and award ceremonies which may appear in local or national newspapers or on televised news programmes.
  • Staff acting on behalf of the Academy may take images for use in displays, in publications or on the Academy website and Newquay Junior social media.
  • Embarrassing or distressing images will not be used.
  • Images will not be associated with distressing or sensitive issues.
  • We will securely store all images and may use them at a later date; we will also regularly review and destroy unwanted material in line with our data handling policy.
  • I understand that my child’s mobile devices will be handed over to their class teacher at the beginning of the Academy day and will be returned after Academy hours. Use of pupil’s mobile devices is not permitted during Academy hours.
  • The taking of images on Academy premises is not permitted on pupils mobile devices.


Images taken by parents/guardians at the Academy

  • If I attend Academy functions/events and take photographs or film footage of my own and other children, I shall need to be sensitive to others and try not to disrupt performances.
  • I will only use such images for my own appropriate and personal use. I will not share, alter or publish the images within the public domain. (ie social networking sites)
  • Photographs taken by journalists are exempt from the Data Protection Act, as newspapers are subject to strict guidelines governing the press.

 (Please tick the appropriate box)



YES, Having read the above statement, I give my consent for photographs and other images to be taken and used.



NO, Having read the above statement, I do not give my consent for photographs and other images to be taken and used.


Name of child____________________________________


Signature of parent or guardian:______________________


Relationship to the child: ___________________________


Date: _ _ / _ _ / _ _ _ _