World Maths Day – 6th March 2019

World Maths Day – 6th March 2019
Year 4

Year 4 have been celebrating World Maths Day by completing an outdoor maths challenge and embracing the Cornish weather!

5DH enjoyed some active maths in which they were set the challenge of completing as many addition and subtraction problems as possible within a set time.
Each child wrote a 3 digit number on a post-it note and had to pair up with as many other children as they could. Later they were set a 15 step challenge which led them around the school grounds.

6JD and 6AP

6JD estimated and measured large areas in the hall for World Maths Day.

Meanwhile, 6AP drew rectangles with different areas and perimeters made from rolling dice and multiplying numbers.

4SS had great fun celebrating World Maths Day this morning by going on a maths treasure hunt.
We worked in groups, using a map to find different locations and solve their individual maths calculations.
Once we had solved the calculations and recorded all 14 letters: we discovered they spelt the word ‘multiplication’.

As part of World Maths Day, 5BF took part in the following ‘Active Maths’ tasks – Tadpoles, Around the World and Circuit Training.