Year 3 Parent Response

Year 3 Parent Response

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Dear Parents/Carers


Year 3 Information in Response to Parent’s Event 19th September 2017

Thank you for such a great turn out on Tuesday. We understand that it was tricky for everyone to attend, so we have highlighted some key points raised below:


Daily collection of children. Please continue to collect your children from the back gate. Please can parents and families wait on the tarmacked area and collect your child from the teacher who will have the class lined up on the astro-turf for safe and efficient handover. Thank you.

Home-Academy books: Please send these into the academy every day with your child’s reading book. They are a great tool for recording childrens homework, reading etc, but also a wonderful tool to aid communication. If there is anything you need to inform us of, please note it in this book and we will see it. Teachers will also do the same.

Homework grids: These will be issued on a Friday now, to assist busy families.

Clubs: All after school clubs have now been set up, with choir starting on Thursday 21st Sept at 3 – 4 and Tag Rugby on Friday 22nd Sept from 3-4. Art club, ICT and Homework Club are all up and running. Once your child has had their permission letter completed for Art, Tag Rugby and Choir, they will be registered every week for safeguarding purposes. Those clubs that take place during lunchtimes will not require a parental permission slip. Many clubs have limited places, so we will endeavour to cater for pupils who have not attended their chosen club. Clubs will change each term.

Rewards as Yellow Certificates and Medals: As noted in the Learners’ Pack, pupils have the opportunity for gaining the weekly class award in the form of a yellow certificate. This is awarded by the teacher to one pupil each week. This can be for wonderful behaviour, manners, efforts or achievements and may even celebrate an event that took place outside of the academy. It may be about class work but is not exclusively.

These certificates are a celebration and they need to be saved carefully please. 3 yellow certificates add up to earn your child a bronze medal of celebration. The medals increase through their time at Newquay Junior in multiples of three: 3 for Bronze, 6 for Silver, 9 for Gold and 12 for a Medal of Honour!)

Accessing MyMaths from an Apple device: Several parents have requested help to access MyMaths as Flash is not compatible. Please see the help sheet overleaf for guidance.

Key diary dates

Year 3 Showcase to parents Thurs 19th October

INSET Training day: Academy closed to pupils Fri 20th October

Half Term 23rd Oct to 27th October

Second Half of Term starts Monday 30th October

Space Lab for Y3 at the academy Wednesday 1st November

PTA Y3/4 Disco Wednesday 1st November (eve)

Parents’ evenings Tues 7th November and Weds 8th November

Newquay Lantern Parade, Year 3s representing NJA Friday 24th November

Christmas Fayre Thursday 7th December

Christmas themed Year 3 local trip (details to follow) classes go from 4th – 8th Dec.

Year 3 Parents and children’s Christmas Dinners Tuesday 12th December

Year 3 Christmas Cinema visit Date TBC

Year 3 Christmas Show at NCC on Monday 18th December

Last day of term Wednesday 20th December

Christmas holidays 21st December to 3rd January 2018

Spring Term starts Thursday 4th January 2018

Please continue to check with Newquay Junior Website for calendar updates.




MyMaths now available on Puffin Academy app

MyMaths is now accessible via the Puffin Academy flash browser

We are delighted to announce that MyMaths has been made available through Puffin Academy, allowing pupils and teachers to easily access MyMaths on most tablet and mobile devices, including iPads.


What is Puffin Academy?

Puffin Academy is a free, mobile and table Flash browser. It is specifically designed for pupils, teachers and parents, as it always enforces site filtering by only allowing whitelisted educational websites to be accessed. It’s only for educational websites and fully supports Flash content, as well as videos on iPhone and iPad.


How do I access MyMaths through Puffin Academy?

To access MyMaths on your tablet or iPad, simply download the Puffin Academy App from the Apple or Android store to your device. Once downloaded, the quickest way to access MyMaths is to open the Puffin Academy browser and search for MyMaths in the search bar. You can also bookmark MyMaths.


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