Year 3 visit Newquay Beaches with an Environmental focus

Year 3 visit Newquay Beaches with an Environmental focus

On Friday (15th June) Year 3 went outside for their learning. We took advantage of our beautiful coastline and visited our beaches. Workers at Great Western Beach were extremely welcoming and had lots of other exciting activities going on while we were there. We met 2 representatives of the Environment Agency who explained how they monitor the cleanliness of the seawater in the Bay. We then went off to do a beach clean, using their excellent facilities which means that we can all help pick up beach litter anytime using the litter pickers provided. Our children put these to good use! The litter they collected is going to be investigated back at school. We were very pleased to see that the beaches were very clean and the sea was crystal clear.

As the tide went out, we walked across to Towan Beach, looking at the geology of the cliffs on the way and then we walked up towards the Huer’s Hut.

When we reached the Huers Hut, we surveyed the coastline, identified landmarks including the Headlands and the Sewage Outfall and we commented on how important it is to protect our Bay to keep it as beautiful as it is now.

John Goodman came to open the Huer’s Hut to give us a little talk which was very kind of him. We then returned to Towan Gardens for lunch.

In the afternoon, we explored rock pools at low tide, looking at the animals that thrive on our coastline, we found some huge crabs but only caught a medium sized one.

After some beach games and lots of fun, we returned to school tired and sun kissed. We had a great day and returned even more determined than ever to protect our Ocean from Pollution.