Year 4 ICT

Year 4 ICT

In Year 4 this year we have already completed a range of tasks in ICT.
See the gallery below for examples of children’s work:


Databases and graphs
We searched our spies’ databases to find out which suspects had committed crimes: we were able to identify them by some of the clues they left behind. We used search criteria like: name, favourite food, age, eye colour, height, weight, favourite drink, favourite sport, hair colour, birthday month and shoe size. We even added a second criteria to narrow down our suspects and even a third if needed. Then we explored our databases to make graphs using 1 or 2 fields, we then print-screened our graphs onto word documents, made up questions about them and challenged a friend to answer them.

We made a ‘Wanted’ poster using a picture of ourselves that we cut out in ‘Photoshop’ using the lasso tool and copied it onto a criminal body template. These were then saved as Jpegs so that we could use them in a ‘Publisher’ document. We inserted our picture, added word art, text boxes, borders, colour filled, resized, used bullet points, changed fonts, added a background. Finally, we added our criminal to the poster.

We used ‘2Simple 2animate’ to make a stop-frame animation. We added a music file to our mini animations and added them to a ‘Powerpoint’ Advent calendar that we opened daily in December. When we had done this we also added Gifs to our presentations.

We have been using different internet search engines to find information, pictures and sound files. We used these to create a ‘PowerPoint’ fact-file presentation that combined text, sound, graphics and used hyperlinks to link to specific web-pages.


Using ‘Scratch’, we were able to create a game and develop our sequencing skills in programming and controlling devices. We were able to understand a process as well as use ‘change a procedure’. We used the ‘repeat’ command and different control and timing blocks alongside ‘if’ or ‘else’ statements. We also learned to debug and fix any programming errors.