Year 4 Wow Science

Year 4 Wow Science

There were some ‘hair raising’ moments from Year 4 today as they followed up their recent work on electricity!

Pupils enjoyed a special workshop telling the story of how their headphones work: electricity and magnetism causing movement to produce the final sounds.

Using equipment, which Brannel School kindly allowed us to utilise, they were able to study static electricity and investigate magnetic fields. They used their ‘magic magnifying glasses’ (via an animation to help focus their imaginations) to have a model of electric current and then investigated how two magnetic fields can cause movement by building their own ‘wow’ motors.

They were lucky to be joined by Petra, from Year 6, who explained how she had added an electro-magnet to her litter picker. She did this by wrapping copper wire around an iron core and connecting batteries to cause a current to flow. When a current flows in a wire, a magnetic field is produced, the same shape as the pupils saw around a bar magnet.

Some great questions and some even better predictions made by the pupils-real Science in action!