Year 5 ICT

Year 5 ICT

In Year 5 this year we have already completed a range of tasks in ICT.
See the gallery below for examples of children’s work:


Photoshop: Top Trumps Mythical Creatures
We used our own photo, cut it out in Photoshop using the lasso tool, copied and edited onto a copyright free image of a mythical creature. We then saved them as JPEGs to then add to ‘Top Trumps’ template in Power Point. We inserted the saved pictures, added word art, text boxes, resized objects, changed font size and colour then added scores to our Top Trump ratings.


We used ‘Flowal’ to draw simple flow diagrams, issue sequencing commands to control output devices and control an onscreen mimic with inputs and outputs. We used graphical information to answer questions. We were then able to refine procedures to improve desired outcomes and combine procedures to solve more complex problems.


Using ‘Scratch’ we were able to Import our own sprite, make a new costume, create a background and use collision sensing. We used an operator and solved a range of problems using variables: debugged and fixed codes.

We have been using different internet search engines to find information, pictures and sound files. We used these to adapt and improve a ‘PowerPoint’ fact-file presentation that combined text, sound, graphics and used hyperlinks to link to specific webpages. We identified and selected accurate information from a range of different sources by adapting searches using keywords. We understand how copyright affects what we can use and we were able to cut, paste and edit images and text and change our work using tools. We presented our work in an interesting way with special effects to move between screens.