Year 5 Surf Camp

Year 5 Surf Camp

Wow, what a week! Early mornings and late nights but so many smiles and bundles of laughter. Sunshine was ever present and very welcome, alongside perfect waves for our inaugural Surf Camp TM. 

Over the past week, 15 staff members have accompanied the whole of Year 5 at the idyllic, Polly Joke Campsite. We are bursting with pride with what these pupils have achieved in the surf, but more importantly at camp. For some it has been their first night away and while there were one or two moments of feeling homesick, by the morning they’ve poked their heads out of their tent with a beaming smile. They have supported each other brilliantly and will all return home standing a little bit taller with increased independence and resilience: the friendships that have been cemented will last a lifetime as I’m sure will the stories. 

The Year 5 Team would like to thank all of the staff who have made this fabulous week possible. The overnight staff, staff who have accompanied the walks in and out, Mr Cubbedu for preparing our delicious food and the office staff for setting things up! 

Is everyone ready for next year?!

Mr Ellis-Davies on behalf of the Year 5 Team.