Year 6 ICT – Archive

This half of the Summer term year 6 have continued some of their work on spreadsheets exploring the use of +, -, x and ÷ as well as averages, minimum and maximum values. They have also been looking at different areas of online safety.
like how the internet can be very powerful in how it portrays images of use, they have especially been looking at how stereotypes are often portrayed. Next term the local police liaison officer is coming into year 6 classes to talk to them about online safety.

KS2 Stereotyping and the media


This term year 6 have been exploring excel and spreadsheets, they have worked through a number of challenges and learnt of different ways to present data and different ways to add and apply formulae to cells. They have presented graphs and created questions about their data.


Here’s some example work from the Year 6’s:

Annie’s example work

Charlottes’s example work

Lauren’s example work


This term year 6 have been working on scratch and PowerPoint. In scratch they created their own survival game. Learning how to decompose their game into smaller more manageable pieces. The objective was to design it write and debug it present and evaluate it.

The features of our game:

  • a location/background
  • a main character
  • an objective – a score
  • a goal or rewards
  • obstacles
  • timer (optional)

Also this term Year 6 have made Math’s games in Scratch they have created games that include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squaring, cubing and square root.

  • Think of a question to ask.
  • Ask the player a question, e.g. What is the bond to…?
  • Let the player respond.
  • Check if their answer is correct.
  • If their answer is correct then say ‘Well done that’s correct’.
  • Think of a new question and repeat the steps.
  • Use your quiz algorithm to help you write the code to create a maths quiz program.
  • Your quiz should ask four questions. Write the code to ask one question first then test it and debug it if you need to.
  • Once you have got your first question working, use the copy tool to duplicate your code and alter it to ask different questions.
  • Your quiz should respond when a player gives the correct answer.

Year 6 have also created a multiplication game with the objective:

  • I can explain what a variable is

I can use variables within a program

Year 6 Scratch Creations:

Scratch Website: